Dong Guan FCE Prescision Eletronic Co.,Ltd

Date: 14th May 2016
Stamping Tool
Tool & Die Design & Manufacturing?At Fce,Website:, we pride ourselves on our outstanding tool and die design and manufacturing. Whether you make exacting medical parts, auto terminal or quite precise leadframe, Fce offers our customers a wide variety of dies and stamping including: stamping, forming, blending, and progressive and transfer stamping.Design Engineering ServicesFce?offers excellent design engineering. Our R&D, consulting, design, prototyping and reverse engineering are hard to beat and we are proud that the geometry of our drawings (CAD, CAM) will carry over to a wide variety of machines. We offer an amazing array of services (CNC machine, wire and sinker EDM, drilling, countersinking, tapping and reaming, just to name a few) and we provide tooling to make your parts.Creative Design SolutionsWe work closely with our clients to create solutions and innovations that work! We have creative design strategies and critical problem solving that will lead to increased revenues for our clients.Tool & die design key technology analysisThe?successful?development?of?a?set?mold?is?based?on?proper?design,we?after?many?times?test?mode?just?know?how?to achieve?good?design,but?it?is?too?late.Then?we?need?to?spend?a?lot?of?time?and?manpower?to?correct.Key?technology?of?stamping?die?design?&?analysis?contains?mold?design,application?of?CAD?technology?and?application of?CAE?technology.Mold design contains project planning or material list,which includes die stress balance and adjustment engineering and space station design,and the die structure design,which includes design pressure plate pressure,mold rigidity and strength design,die edge design control insert design.Application?of?CAD?technology?includes?computerized?design?date,standardization?of?parts,module?and?unit,theparametric?design?method,application?of?CAD?technology,Two?dimensional?CAD?system(continuous?die).Three?dimensional?CAD?system(sheet?metal?die),Specific?CAD?design?software?user?guide.Application?of?CAE?technology?includes?simulation?analysis?of?being?spring?back?simulation?analysis?of?the?forming limit?of?sheet?metal,the?text?mode?of?computer?technology.Through the application of CAE analysis software at present,we can make the mold design quality better in the designphase to simulate forming process in order to understand the die design of the appropriate degree of surface when design changes.Meanwhile we can reduce the number of test mode and mold development time.